• To provide clients a perfect blend of physical and technical security expertise complemented by robust intelligence capability
  • To enable client operations and build resilience worldwide
  • To provide world-class consultancy services to Corporates and Organisations, always delivered by subject matter experts from exceptional backgrounds


Based in London and incorporated in England & Wales, Milton Risk Management Ltd (Company Number: 10513508) provides tailor made security solutions around the world to mitigate risk to individuals, families and corporations. Through in-depth analysis and expert threat assessments we are able to provide security solutions that let our clients go about their day to day business without having to worry about their safety, giving piece of mind to enable our clients to focus on the things that really matter in their lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility Ethos

MRM believes that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) must form an essential part of risk mitigation. CSR programmes should not be ‘box-ticking exercises’ with the objective of improving corporate reputation. Neither should they be conducted in order to simply appease the population in the area of operations in order to prevent them from disrupting operations. CSR programmes should be ethically and morally motivated, empowering local populations and promoting successful, sustainable operations.

The programmes must assist in resolving local disputes, not widening them. We support CSR agendas which are contextually relevant to the area, driven by the local population and not by corporate needs. CSR should enable the local population to take ownership of the development of their community. It must be flexible, sustainable and not simply a short term ‘quick-fix’. Through such an approach, risks faced by a project will, in turn, be markedly reduced.


Our judicious and reasoned approach to developing commensurate strategic partnerships provide our clients with greater access and more business opportunities around the world. MRM and our selected partners focus on the adherence to international standards, imparting knowledge and transferring skills to build the business with respect and consideration for the local culture.

At MRM, we recognise the importance of quality and industry assurance and through a thorough vetting process have ensured that our partners are legally compliant, high-quality service providers. These partnerships enable MRM to deliver safe, professional and quality assured services, supported by a robust management team with the depth of expertise and experience required to manage them. MRM’s aim is and will remain to complement our clients’ businesses over the long term to allow for risks to be mitigated, thereby maximising the future potential of our client’s operations throughout the world.