Based in London and incorporated in England & Wales, Milton Risk Management Ltd (Company Number: 10513508) provides tailor made security solutions around the world to mitigate risk to individuals, families and corporations. Through in-depth analysis and expert threat assessments we are able to provide security solutions that let our clients go about their day to day business without having to worry about their safety, giving piece of mind to enable our clients to focus on the things that really matter in their lives.

Corporate Social Responsibility Ethos

We believe that one essential part of risk mitigation is Corporate Social Responsibility. We never see them as an exercise that needs to be completed, as a box to tick, we want to ensure that they are there to improve the reputation of our corporation and those around us.

We also never conduct any of these programmes in order to stop any disruption of operations within our business. Or to put us in a positive light with our clients. We do them because we want to, because we believe that they are incredibly important.

We believe that these CSR programmes should be motivated by ethics and morals too, we want them to create sustainable operations within our business, not just successful ones. We also want to ensure that the work that we do has a positive impact on the local community, empowering them to be the best that they can be.

In order to do this we create programmes that are able to resolve any disputes that could occur in the local area, as well as ensuring that the CSRs are relevant to the area too. They are driven by the needs of the local population, not by corporate needs.

We want to ensure that the work that we do encourages and enables the local population to allow them to take charge of their own community. They should be able to take on the long term sustainability and development, they should not see things as a quick-fix.


We take our time to develop strategic partnerships that will provide all of our clients with the very best access to opportunities around the world. We select key partners that are able to not only provide plenty of knowledge across a wide range of areas, but also bring transferable skills too. We also ensure that our partners keep to an international standard, whilst still taking care to be respectful and considerate of local cultures and practices too.

Here at MRM we want to make sure that our partners are at the same standard that we are. Which is why we have a thorough and extensive vetting process that every partner must go through. The process ensures that they are both quality and relevant to our industry and also that they are legally compliant too.

In doing this, we can deliver the services that are always to the best standard, that are safe, that are professional and that are high quality too. In order to keep up these high standards, we have a management team that has a wealth of experience and skills in order to manage them and ensure that all needs are met.