Accident and Locus Investigations

You might think that road traffic accidents are straightforward and easy to assess. However, the truth is that they can actually be quite complex to investigate and come to a conclusion on. No matter the reason why you need to have an accident investigated, having an accident and locus investigation expert on the case is a sure-fire way to get the results that you need, as quickly as possible.

Experts in accident and locus investigations

As we have already mentioned, it can be incredibly complicated to come to a conclusion when it comes to road traffic accidents. Both insurance companies and solicitors are going to want to know the circumstances around a crash, which can then ensure that the right outcome is reached for an insurance or legal claim.

We have a wealth of experience in accident and locus investigations, we know exactly what it takes to make sure that the accident scene is properly investigated and that the exact circumstances are understood.

A comprehensive accident investigation service

Whether you are an insurance company, or perhaps a solicitor, you can trust that we will provide a fully comprehensive service to ensure that a satisfactory end result is reached. This includes collecting information regarding the accident, taking statements from key witnesses and also drawing up detailed and accurate plans that relate to the scene and that could have an influence on what happened.

Once all of these things are completed, we will be able to provide you with a report which contains all the details that you require; including high-resolution images that take in a variety of angles of the scene.

The accident may be suspicious, it may need additional investigating, or you may just want to know more, whatever the circumstances we can help you to find out what happened.