Anti-Social Behaviour Enquiries

When you rent out a property to someone, then chances are that you are going to hope that they behave in a way that is appropriate and that is not anti-social. That said, there are always going to be people who can be seen as anti-social.

This is true for those who live in privately rented homes as well as house association and local authority properties too.

Anti-social behaviour enquiries

It may be obvious that someone is behaving in a way that is anti-social, however that doesn’t mean that it is easy to take this issue further and ensure that the behaviour does not continue (or that they can be asked to leave the property).

In order to do this, an anti-social behaviour enquiry is going to be required, this will help to look into the behaviour of the individual and put together a report.

What goes into an anti-social behaviour enquiry?

In order to ascertain whether someone is behaving in a way that is anti-social and that can be taken further, an enquiry needs to look into a variety of things and use a variety of techniques and processes.
Some of the approaches that can be taken during an anti-social behaviour enquiry include:

  • In-depth investigations
  • Taking down key witness statements
  • Interviews with the perpetrator themselves
  • Both covert and overt surveillance on the person and the property concerned
  • Attending the court process and providing witness statements and supporting those witness too

These things come together to ensure that a complete case can be put together to cover the anti-social behaviour and make the change. All of which can be carried out in a discrete and confidential fashion to ensure that an end result is reached.