Beneficiary/Probate/Next of Kin Tracing

You would like to think that if someone is entitled to an amount of money in a will that they would be aware of this fact. In fact, they would often be a close family member, someone who knows the deceased and who is involved in the funeral arrangements.

Whilst this is often the case, there are also times when a beneficiary or next of kin is not immediately around, often they may not even know that the deceased is no longer around or that they have left them anything in their will.

Beneficiary tracing can be tricky

It can be a challenge to trace and track someone who is a beneficiary or who is a next of kin; usually because there are minimal details left to use to trace the person and let them know of the situation. However, if you have the right tools, techniques and knowledge at your disposal, then you can make sure that you find the person that you are looking for.

We are a company who has the specialist knowledge and expertise to ensure that those who need to be found, can be found. We have a wealth of experience and a specialist team who know exactly where to look and how to look too.

You can trust in us

We work across a variety of disciplines and each and every case that we deal with will be brought to a conclusion quickly and efficiently too.

We also work in a way that is quick and effective, bring the results you want in the fastest time possible and always working in a confidential and discreet way.