Covert and Overt Surveillance

Do you want to gather information or a certain individual or perhaps a group of people? Not sure how you get what you need? If this is true for you then you might want to think about looking into our covert and overt surveillance service.

Usually requested as a way to investigate insurance fraud, any suspected workplace crime and a variety of other illegal activity; these two approaches to surveillance offer similar outcomes, however take a different approach to one another.

What is covert surveillance?

The name covert surveillance gives somewhat of a clue as to what this type of investigation entails. Covert surveillance is when the person or the group who you are watching will have no idea what is happening. Any of the work that needs to be carried out will be discreet and won’t be obvious or visible.

What is overt surveillance?

In comparison, overt surveillance is when the investigative work is done out in the open, without hiding anything away. Whilst the person or group under surveillance is able to find out what is happening to them, they won’t always know straight away.

No matter which type of surveillance you go for, make sure it is through a company that you can trust. Find out what type of surveillance that we offer and see if we can help you to obtain the information that you need to resolve your issue. You can always be sure of a professional and dedicated service that will work to ensure that you get exactly what you need, whether that is through covert or overt surveillance.