Debugging / Bug Sweeping

It might sound like something out of a spy film, but for many people the idea of their property, car or workplace being bugged is a real worry. You might think that you are able to pick up whether or not you have been a victim of bugging, but it is actually much harder than you may realise.

In fact, in most cases, the only way that you can actually pick up whether or not there is a bug, is to use highly sophisticated techniques and equipment which can help you to figure out where and what you are dealing with.

We are bug sweeping specialists

Aside from the other key services that we provide, we are also bug sweeping specialists. We have a team of engineers who are able to perform sweeps that cover electronic, mechanical and acoustic aspects which can be used to pick up a variety of types of bugs.

We also understand that confidentiality and discreetness are a key part of bug sweeping, which means that we will approach any case with care and often carry out our checks at night-time to minimise the disruption that you may feel.

Here to help

You can feel assured that when you come to us we will never judge you or your situation, we will treat you with respect and ensure that you feel that your concerns have been listened to and that they are taken seriously.

We will provide you with as much information as we can about what to expect from us during the process and then, if we do find anything during our sweeps, what the next steps will be to remove the bugs and ensure that you are safe.