Property Attendance Reports

There are a number of reasons why you might want to know who is living at a particular property, or what condition the property is in. No matter the reason that you want to know about a particular property, we can help.

Our property attendance reports will ensure that you are provided with all the detailed information that you need on a particular property. We understand that the information that has been requested is not only urgent but also needs to be dealt with in a discreet fashion too.

What do our property attendance reports contain?

These reports are detailed and contain a variety of different pieces of information that you might need to know. This includes:

  • The current market value of the property (this will be an estimation)
  • A description of the condition of the property
  • Any photographs of the property
  • Information regarding the local area
  • Whether or not the property is vacant or occupied
  • The details of the occupants
  • The tenancy and landlord details
  • Whether any vehicles are linked to the address

The main thing to remember about property attendance reports is that they contain whatever you need them to contain. Speak to us about the information that you need and let us do the hard work. With our help you can check up on the status of a particular property, find out about who may be living there or simply track down someone who you wish to find.