Vehicle Tracking

One of the key elements of any investigation or form of surveillance has to be vehicle tracking. Vehicle tracking gives you a way to find out where a vehicle is (be that a car, a van, a motorbike or anything else in-between) at any given point in time.

You can either track a vehicle live, seeing where it is right now or you can use it to bring up historical data about where it is has travelled. It doesn’t matter where it is in the world, using the global GPS system, you can be sure that you know where the vehicle that you are looking for is.

Some companies or people may decide to track a vehicle because they want to know where their partner or family member is. Some may use it to find out where a particular vehicle is that is part of their fleet. It doesn’t matter what you need to find out, we have the right approaches to ensure that you find the information that you need.

How accurate is it?

One question that we are often asked is whether or not our vehicle tracking is accurate. The answer is, it is extremely accurate. Using the best equipment and technologies available means that we can easily locate a vehicle up to 6 feet. Which can prove hugely valuable in any investigation.

Not only this, but our vehicle tracking service is discreet. Which means that you don’t have to worry about it being picked up and the entire investigation being lost.