Protection of At-risk Individuals & Families

At risk families and individuals require their own special approach to protection. We provide protection for these people not only when they are at home, but also when they are travelling and even when they are making public appearances too.

In order to ensure that they are safe we will assess and investigate any possible threats, as well as manage any cases of pursuits or harassment too. When it comes to travelling, we will ensure that all travel logistics are planned so that those at risk are safe and that their privacy is maintained. Even taking technical surveillance measures should they be required. Read more…

Executive Protection

Not only working with people, the security professionals within our team can also provide a physical security service too. You may need this for corporate sites, remote sites or perhaps to manage access control at locations that have multiple companies within them.

We can also work with high-level executives who require protection both at home and abroad, all thanks to our Executive Protection Team.

In order to ensure that all of our clients are safe, we conduct a number of inspections. This includes surveillance countermeasures or bug sweeps, cyber security and network audits, pre-employment background checks and due diligence too. Read more…

Secure Ground Transportation

Thanks to a network of vetted, trusted and entirely local suppliers and resources, we are able to provide a global secure ground transportation service. We have a fully vetted team of security drivers who will ensure that our clients get around safely. This ground transportation is provided in a range of vehicles, which includes armoured vehicles. All of which will ensure that our clients will be delivered securely across the globe. Read more…

Asset Protection

We not only protect people at MRM, but we also protect what is precious. important or valuable to someone or to a business too. It doesn’t matter the size or the value of your asset, we are able to ensure that it gets where it needs to be, safely. This all thanks to our specialist door to door service.

Only ever using security operatives that are licensed and experienced, we can collect your assets from across the globe, before delivering them to a location of your choice at the time that you need.

Best of all, not only will your assets be delivered in a timely way, but also safely and in perfect condition too. Read more…

Residential Security

If you require security within a residential setting, then we are the right place to come. We have a number of personnel working within our highly skilled Residential Security Team. These protectors have been trained to ensure that they have the knowledge and ability to provide the right service in a residential setting.

This could be monitoring detection systems. managing access to the building, detering would be intruders and also responding to any on site emergencies too. These people can be based in a static position. a roving patrol or perhaps specialist personnel, whichever is going to be the right fit for you. Read more…

Event Security

If you have a major event planned, then you are going to need to ensure that your security measures are the best that they can be. This could be for a sporting event, a board meeting, a VIP event or perhaps a product launch.

No matter the type of event, we can work with you to ensure that your project not only works, but that your assets are protected that your guests, staff and VIPS are all perfectly looked after. Read more…

Media Security

Here at MRM we regularly provide media teams with local trusted assets. These local assets can provide invaluable local knowledge, which can provide to be incredibly important during a complex event, occurence or within a certain environment.

We take an intelligence led approach, which is brought together by our knowledge of media operations, as well as risk management too. This allows for development of new solutions and that clients needs are met with ease. Read more…


Please see the below map to learn more about the countries we operate in. As we grow, more areas of operation will be added.

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