If you need covert surveillance, then you are going to want to learn more about our highly experienced, specialist operatives. These operatives are there to assess threats, gather intelligence and to ensure that the perfect security solution is provided to that particular client.

We also use our surveillance services in order to investigate any reported criminal activities, such as those whereby someone is being harassed or who are being inappropriately pursued. Read more…

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Over the years we have worked with a range of clients and this has meant that we have built up quite a lot of experience in technical surveillance counter measures, which means that we can offer this service to the highest level.

Our team is there ready and waiting for you to need them. We can be available at short notice, we can travel worldwide and we can work with a range of clients too. This could be residential, corporate, or perhaps a vehicle or yacht. Read more…


Please see the below map to learn more about the countries we operate in. As we grow, more areas of operation will be added.

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